River City Beatdown!

Welcome my lovely Painkillers! Another Friday is here, and since we are still in November, it means another post for No Save November. So to recap, I covered a great game in Golden Axe, an extremely hard game in The Revenge of the Shinobi, and a what the fuck game in Metal Gear. Now it seems like a good time to bust out another classic game, let’s talk about River City Ransom.

This classic NES game can best be described as an action role playing beat ’em up. You play as either Alex or Ryan, high school students that have to make their way through River City, and make it the high school to defeat a villain named Slick, and to rescue Ryan’s girlfriend Cyndi. Along the way you cross into different gang’s territories. You take them out, and the gang’s leaders act as boss fights.

Overall this is a great game. The moment and fighting are really well done. The weapon selection throughout the game is good. My favorite weapon in the game are gang members. Yes, you read that correctly. Just like the other weapons that you can pick up and throw, or hold to beat down the enemies, you can do the same thing with a gang member in your hands. Once you defeat an enemy, they will drop money, that you can use to buy items to increase your stats, and to improve your fighting skills.

The big issue with this game, is that it becomes one big grinding session. Since most enemies tend to drop only a few cents to a dollar at most,and the gang leaders tend to drop a bit more, you find yourself leaving an area, just to go right back into it, to beat down the gang leader so you can get more cash quickly. You start off with $20, and it’s helpful for grabbing a cup a tea or a hamburger, but it doesn’t mean crap when two of the basics combat books are $26 and change. Happy grinding.

Just like the other games that have been writing about for No Save November, this game doesn’t use a save feature, even though it should. Instead it uses a password feature. Like most of these passwords, it is long and annoying.

OK quick rant, Zelda came out in 1986, and they figured out how to save, and it works really well. Hell, I can go to my grandmother’s house now pop in the game, and play a save file on it from the late 80’s or early 90s. So I don’t know why any NES game that came out after 1986 doesn’t have that or any other save function, that is not this password bullshit is beyond me. Fuck the Chairman, for making me relive all this bullshit, and Fuck No Save November!

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