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Rules/Suggestions For Ride Share

It’s the holiday season! That means a lot of shopping, travelling, partying, drinking, and hoping that 2020 will be a better year than 2019. Good thing that we have companies out there such as Uber and Lyft to get us from point A to point B, without the headache and hassle of relying on friends, family, or worse trying to get a real cab/taxi. I have been in in some Ubers and Lyfts where I have had some enjoyable experiences, and I have been in some where I wished that the driver would hurry up and get me where I needed to go, or just crashed the car, so this nightmare would finally be over. From my experience, I have thought of a few suggestions for drivers that should help make every ride they make more enjoyable, that is not just supplying water, candy, and chargers.

1). Don’t sign in to do rides, and have a friend or family member drive around with you.

I get it, you might be a bit nervous driving around, picking up strangers, and dropping them off to who know where. Now if you are nervous, how do you think your single passenger feels, knowing that he/she just got got into a car with two strangers? Get yourself some cameras and leave your friend at home. Also, you just voided out a seat, a potential rider needed, forcing them to cancel the ride to get a new one, and taking money out of your pocket.

2). Please have your seat up when needed.

You are driving around for hours, so yes, confront is a must. Your passenger wants to be comfortable inside your car as well, even if they are only going to be in there for just a few minutes. Now, I’m not that tall, but I am wide. Sometimes its a pain in the ass when I have to sit behind the driver seat, especially if they have their seat laid back. So its a pain for me, I can just imagine someone that taller than me in that spot. If you have your seat back, and someone is behind out, just asked if they need more room, or just move it up just cause.

3). Ask if what you have on the radio is good for your passenger.

Normally, this doesn’t bother me. I usually have my ear buds in, listening to one of the many podcasts I like, and tend to zone out until I reach my destination. Most people don’t care what you are listening to before or after they get out of your car. While they are in there however, that 50 year old guy trying to get to the airport may not like Dubstep, or Reggaeton. Especially if it is 5:30 in the morning. Just ask, maybe that is this guys thing, or just keep it on a neutral station.

4). Take all of your unnecessary personal items, out of the seats, and trunk of the car before you head out to get your first ride.

This one annoys me, and many other people the most. You are getting people that are going to and from the airport, the supermarket, or their favorite big box store. The last thing these people or any people want to do is try to stack their stuff on top of or around your stuff, or have to sit next to your laundry hamper, or kid’s car seat. It’s nuts! You knew that you were going out to make money, you couldn’t take 5 minutes to clean out your car? Come on drivers!

5). If we order an XL, make sure that it is an XL!

This is more on Uber and Lyft. I know that there have been a few times that I have been out with friends or family, order an XL, and a car shows up that is clearly not an XL. So now we have two options. One we can cancel that ride, and hope that they send an XL this time, or two squeeze into this not XL car to get to our destination, and get charged the XL price. Drivers are not innocent in this either. There has been times where someone will order an XL car, and a XL car will show, but unfortunately, the driver is in violation of suggestion 1 and/or 4, making it no longer an XL car. Maybe Uber and Lyft can update their technology, and as passengers we can put it how many riders we have, such as three adults, or one adult two children, and they can better match up what type of car we need with what is currently out on the road in that area.

Well that’s all from me! I seriously hope that not only drivers, but Uber and Lyft take my suggestion into consideration, and they apply them. I’m Captain Pain, and Happy Holidays everyone!

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