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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Or…did he?

The following may not be appropriate for all viewers– You’ve been warned.

Oh, why hello there, Major Savings here! Here in the States, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while everyone else will be trying to sell you on deals for flowers that will die in three days, crappy candy in heart shaped boxes, and overpriced jewelry, I’m here to offer you something that your love one truly wants, an orgasm. So here are some items that you can get here, and have some fun, via Amazon.

First off, I will like to say that if you are going to be single this Valentine’s day, don’t worry, Major Savings didn’t forget about you! Here is something for the ladies.


It’s all the…buzz~

And of course for the men.


It slices! It dices!  wait..

Now for the couples out there. If your lover likes to be tied up, then we have the toy for you.


Tie up some of your funds on this~

Maybe your lover likes the idea of being double penetrated, but doesn’t like the idea of having another guy in the bedroom with the two of you. Well hopefully this sloves that issue.


Strap up~

Weather you get one of these toys, or you have toys of your own, it is always nice to have some of this around.


A…smooth landing

And as always, stay safe and baby free everyone!


Play it…safe…

I hope that you all enjoy yourself and have fun this Valentine’s Day. I’m Major Savings, signing off.

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