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Silent No More

Good evening HBCL Universe, and fellow anime fans. Welcome to Friday Night Cinema! It's the same as Saturday Morning Cinema, we just changed the day and time of this article, so we had to give it a name change. So were you bullied in school, or the bully? Did you try, or has your bully tried to make amends with you later in life? If so, you might relate with this anime. Here is A Silent Voice/ A Shape of Voice.

The main character of the movie, high school student Shoya Ishida is about to commit suicide. He changes his mind at the last second, and thinks about what happened in his life to lead him to this. He thinks back to his time in elementary school. A new girl Shoko Nishimiya enters Shoya's class. She informs the class that she is deaf. While trying to intergrade herself into the class, Shoko ends up pissing off Shoya, and he retaliates by bulling her. It gets so bad that Shoko transferred to a different school. The kids find out what Shoya did to Shoko, so they start bulling him, making him an outcast. Now in present day he finds Shoko and tries to makes amends with her.

This movie is extremely well done. At first I was sitting here watching this, and saying to myself, what kind of an asshole picks on a deaf person? It shows how a person can grow as they get older, and how your actions have consequences. Does Shoya ever forgive Shoko? You have to go on Netflix, and watch this movie for yourself. Until next time everyone!

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