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Sin Tax On Videogames

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

How absurd…

Normally I dont like getting political with some of my rants. Hell, I was the one that came up with the rule when I came up with the rule when I came up for the idea of Rant Friday. Sometimes, when you read something that the government is trying to do that you are against, you have to break those rules. So this past Friday, lawmakers in Pennsylvania proposed a new law that would add a 10% tax on all M rated and Adult Only games sold in the state. They are doing this under the guise of school saftey. This my friends is crap!

First off, you cannot say that this for school saftey in one breath, and then in the next say we are looking for a new revenue stream in the next. The school line has been used to decades, to justify a new tax, or a raise in taxes. Yet for decades we have had failing schools, oversized classrooms, overworked and underpaid teachers, teachers that are not rewarded for their good work, teachers that are not fired for their bad work, out of date text books, and lack of supplies and resuorces in general. So what’s going to happen if this passes, the same amount of nothing that has gone on for years. If they are so concerned with school saftey, then I have two ideas that should become laws, that won’t cost us a dime. First, if a child reports that they are being bullied to a staff member(s), and that staff member(s) does nothing to stop it. If that child or any other children gets hurts or dies, due to not stopping the bullying, that staff member(s) will be terminated and face criminal charges. Next if your child brings your gun to school, and is caught with it, or shoots up a school with it, you will face charges as well. Its time for hold people accountable to their non actions, and crappy partenting, and not trying to squeeze every penny out the people that put them in office.

So let me explain how this tax would work if it active today. Say you were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and you and your friend were in a local game store. Your friend wants to buy Kingdom Hearts 3, while you want to get the Resident Evil 2 Remake.( I’m using the standard editions of the games, not the deluxe since the standard ones are the same price.) Since KH3 is rated E10+ the new tax is not added on. PA regular state sales tax is 6%, luckly you guys are in Philadelphia, so there is no added city sales tax. Unfortunately, since Philly is in Delaware County add 2% to that sales tax. So 8% on that $59.99 game, your friend will pay $64.79 for that copy of the game. You on the other hand, will have to pay 18% sales tax on RE2 since its an M rated game. Yes, that extra 10% is added onto the regular sales tax. So have fun paying $70.79 for that game.

Some of you maybe asking yourself, thats only in PA, so why should I care if I don’t live there. Simple, because if it is allowed to pass in PA, then it is only a matter of time before something similar passes in your state, and then the whole country. It is bad enough that we pay these outrageous “Sin Taxes” on alcohol and tobacco products, and I would not just sit here and let the same happen to video games as well. We all know what is going to happen if it passes. It maybe 10% now, but soon it will be 15% then 25%, and then it will get to the point where they wont raise the tax anymore. They wil just raise the age limit like Hawaii is doing with tobacco products. They are not outright banning them, but in a few years the only people that would be able to buy tobacco in Hawaii will be people 100 years of age or older. Do we want that for video games as well? And how long will it take for these lawmakers to expand this new tax to all video games? We must take a stand, and we must do it now! If not, are alreay expensive hobby of video games, will become a bit more pricey.

I’m Captain Pain, until next time everyone.

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