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Technically Difficult

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Um.. whoops~

Lo’ and behold– for it is I,

The Chairman!

No, no– I haven’t died or anything. Sorry to dissapoint some of you~ No, instead I have once again been in the background. Behind the scenes, pulling strings and.. failing to live up to promises..

Don’t act like you haven’t noticed.

We’ve had a stunning lack of video content for you Leaguelettes, and the primary  reason for this is technical difficulties on the ole’ office work station. Namely… MY workstation..

Due to a number of these unforseen issues, I’ve been unable to churn out the Halloween madness I’d offered you once upon a fort-night.  


For this, I apologize and yet– I suggest the lot of you see it as an opportunity!

Further madness, you say. I can hear your concerned bellowing already.. But hear me out! The final months of 2018 are to be filled with joy, violence and the excessive swearing.

That’s at least the plan..

First up– last year, as some of you may recall; we enjoyed the escapades of No-Save November, where we looked at classics that offered only passwords as methods of continuing progress.

THIS year, we’ve decided to take the initiative and surprise attack the holiday season with a month of Christmas lists, and economy stimulation that we’ve(I) affectionately dubbed: A Half-Baked Monetary Meltdown Extravaganza! 

This way– we can save December for something people actually care about.

Like Dragonball.

Yes– during the month of December, we will be featuring all things Dragonball! The Captain already has quite the lineup of his favorite movies from the series, as well as a couple choice games he’ll be taking a peek at.

As for myself.. Well, you’ll just have to wait and see..

And I assure you, it very much has something to do with fixing my video capture issues..

At any rate, keep your eyes peeled. Like grapes…

Bloody, yellow-white grapes…


Eye’ll be watching you…

We’re adjourned…

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