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That Time The Future Happened!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

No it doesn’t…

Good afternoon Leaguelettes~

It is I– The Chairman!

Getting tired of seeing my face spattered about your various inboxes and feeds yet?


I’m not trying hard enough…

Anyway– Dragonball Month is still in full swing here at the HBCL– and as such, I’ve come before you today to discuss one of my favorite sagas in all of the Dragonball Z timeline.

With emphasis here, on timeline…

Androids a’ Plenty

That’s right kiddies– The Chairman’s favorite Saga is none other than that of the Androids. And really, why not? It only introduces my favorite Z-Fighter into the fray–

Sword Goku! I mean…Trunks!

The product of an unholy union between Vegeta and Bulma– pepper in a mix of exposition and flux-capacitor juice and what we’ve got is a half-saiyan, half-human, whole-badass on our hands.

In-fact– within the first ten minutes of his arrival, he puts asunder the rebuilt mehca-Frieza in a flash.


We also get the pleasure of having a very brief (no pun intended) meeting with Frieza’s incredibly creepy father, King Cold…

Brief being the key word this time…

Unfortunately– the arrival of our teenage hero heralds more than just the death of our ill-fated villains here…

Trunks has come from the future, bearing a message– and a vial. He warns of the impending rise of two android menaces that will eradicate humanity, destroy his friends and family and give rise to a veritable end of the world.

Goku is curious as to why he doesn’t manage to save the day as always– only to learn of a separate but equally grim fate which awaits him.

I’m sorry but with a diet like his– did no one see this coming?

Anyway– ‘luckily’ enough, his condition was cured… after his death in the future. But our makeshift Marty McFly here has just the thing to fix up our heart-broken hero BEFORE it’s too late!

Will this be enough to save the Earth from utter disaster?

Go find out for yourself– I don’t want to ruin too much, after all…

Until next time, Leaguelettes–

We’re adjourned~

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