The Barbarian, The Amazon and The Dwarf

Hello November! Here at the HBCL, we love our themes. So this month’s theme is No Saves November ( I see what you did there Chairman!). So, any post that falls under this theme, will be about games that don’t have a normal save function, or someone broked, up the save options. Therefore, for my first post for No Save November, I figured that I would start off with something that many people would know. Now, let’s dive head first into Golden Axe for the Sega Genesis.

To give a quick summary of the game, an evil entity know as Death Adder, has captured the King and his daughter the princess of Yuria, and hold them captive in the castle. While there, he finds the Golden Axe, the magical emblem of Yuria. Death Adder claims that he will destroy the axe and the royal family, if the people of Yuria do not accept him as their new ruler. Three heroes, Gilius Thunderhead, a battle-axe wielding dwarf, Actually Battler, a barbarian with a broadsword, and Tyris Flare, an Amazon with a longsword, who have all lost love ones due to Death Adder’s attack, come together to try to rescue the royal family, and bring peace back to the kingdom of Yuria.

Each hero has their own unique magic and different level of magic. You need to collect magic pots fill up your magic. You get these, by kicking the shit out of the blue thieves. They will drop one pot everytime you kick them, until they run out, and they run off screen. Running low on health, no worries just kick the shit out of the green thieves. Just like the blue ones, they drop one piece of meat for every kick you them until they run out and run off screen. The thieves show up during certain parts of the stages, and at the end most of the levels to act like a bonus round. Blue thieves are more common than the green ones, and they tend to carry more magic pots than the green thieves carry meat.

Death Adder’s men are mostly men with clubs and maces, skeletons warriors, and knights. Some of them show up riding two different dragon like creatures, and something that looks like a bird mixed with a scorpion, that they call chicken legs. One of the dragons breaths fire, and the other shoots fireballs, and the chicken leg swings it’s massive tail around to knock you down. You can use these creatures for you own devices, by knocking the driver off, and mount the creature. Careful, cause too many times of someone getting knocked off a creature will cause it to run away. Each stage does have a boss fight at the end, and some tend to repeat themselves.

Some of you may be wondering why I picked this game for my first in No Save November, well that’s because myself and many others wished this game had a damn save function in it. This game is cheap as hell, a true arcade game that was set on just taking your money, and not having you see the end. You have to get really good at this game, if you wanted to beat it. Thank God this hit home systems, cause I know that most kids spent all of their allowance trying to beat this damn game.

It wasn’t that the game was hard, it was just the fact that a lot of crazy stuff would happen. For instance, you could be beating the snot out of an enemy and next thing you know, that bastard hulks up, and kills you. The boss battles are insane! It’s already bad enough that they are 3-4 times bigger than you, they take forever to die. You can hit them with everything including the kitchen sink, and they just get up and kick you ass some more.

Tell me if this has happened to you before, you are on stage 6, you beat Death Adder, and rescue the royal family. You think that you beat the game, and thank God, since you are out of continues, and you’re on your last life with barely any health left, just to have the king tell you that Death Adder was just taking orders, and the real evil is behind that door. Well Fuck! You go through the door, and what happens, you misjudge that first jump, and all you see is Game Over flashing across the screen, and it dawns on you. In order to make the attempt to get back to this point of the game to beat it, that you now have to start all over again. Noooooooooooo! Guess you either have to get good, or get dead!

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