The Captain is Down!

Greetings Leaguers and Painkillers. I know that many of you might be wondering why I’m posting on a Sunday. Well, here is the thing, as I’m currently writing this, I’m laying down on a hospital bed, watching old episodes of Bar Rescue. Many of my friends and family already know about my past health issues. This latest one is new to me, and has allowed me to realize that I’m not taking care of myself as good as I thought I was. I need my mind, body, spirit, and soul to all be at 100%, and none of them are there right now.

So this is my long winded way of saying that I’m taken a little break from the HBCL. Just until I get things back in order with myself. As much as I love this, the guys that work on the site and the YouTube channel, and most of all, all of you guys, I know damn well that I’m not good to anyone if I’m laid up in a hospital.

For this week, I do have posts ready to go. My normal ones I do for Mondays and Wednesdays, and my last post for No Save November for Friday. Hopefully, this will only be a short break, since I do have a nice story I want to put down for our December theme. So again, this is not goodbye, this is I’ll be back!

Captain Pain Will Return!!!

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