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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Not ALL devils wear Prada


Eah….good morning Leaguelettes–

I’ve just woken from a month-plus long nap so forgive the spot of lethargy.

Of course however this could not be farther from the truth. NAY!

I have, in fact; been quite busy behind the scenes with the following:

  1. Pulling various strings

  2. Tapping my fingers together menacingly

  3. Birthing a small but densely rich Minecraft server running 293– Count’em TWO HUNDRED and NINETY THREE different mods adding a crap ton of functionality to an already awesome game. (Access to which just may be available to a few of you lucky Leaguelettes out there soon.

  4. Obtaining official and legit-like operating licensure, making us an LLC–


Thrusting my plans for world domination, one giant leap forward…

but I digress…

5. Utilizing the aforementioned legal status, we’ve also engaged in close…. ‘Relations’ with a wonderful group of individuals who have kindly agreed to work with us on something special..


But mums the word…

But all of this shameless plugging is not what brings me here today. No–

Instead; in the spirit of Inuyasha Month, my dear Captain Pain has requested I kick things off by presenting you lot with the following dossier of the five youths we pay tribute to this month.

And so it shall be!

Initiating rapid fire truthbomb barrage: …

Image result for right meow


File #: 666 -1/2 Name: Inuyasha Species: Inu-Hanyo (Canine Half-Demon) Bio: After spending fifty years nailed to a tree with a holy arrow, our titular ‘hero’ is bound to yet another form of prison: the whims of a fateful young woman by the name of Kagome Higurashi. It is not long after their encounter however that he discovers Kagome possesses something he would very much like to get his paws on…


File #: 82-00 Name: Kagome Higurashi Species: Human (And/Or legendary preiestess incarnate, depending on how ya look at it..) Bio: Unbeknownced to even herself– Kagome embodies the spiritual reincarnation of a fabled fuedal-era heroine: Kikyo. A series of ill-fated events unfold; leaving her stuck five hundred years in the past. Priming the ole’ plot device for 167 episodes worth of content.


File #: 5116 Name: Miroku Species: Human Bio: A traveling monk who inherited a cursed bloodline, manifesting itself in the form of a devstatingly violent black-hole like affliction in his right hand known as the Kazaana; or ‘Wind Tunnel’. This mysterious curse sets him on a path interseting closely with that of the others.


File #: 1652 Name: Sango Species: Human Bio: A unique oddity in that she  is youngest female member of an elite clan of ninja specifically trained in driving off and/or slaying demons. After becoming possessed by a foul demon, her brother slew many of her comrades, and injured Sango herself, rather gravely.


File #: 28-9-7 Name: Shippo Species: Kitsune (Fox Demon) Bio: A young upstart who attempted to make off with the shards of a rather important jewel known as the Shikon no Tama. It was his hope that in doing so, he would attain the necessary strength required to avenge the death of his father. This…does not go according to plan.

And there you have it. A handful of the faces you’ll be seeing plenty of as this month progresses. Apparently Captain Pain has more than a few treats planned for you moving forward.

As for me; keep your eyes peeled for new content coming to our YouTube channel soon, and beyond that– a few surprises of my own…

The Half-Baked Creators League is moving forward at rates I’d never before dreamed possible. And I thank all of you for your continued support.

Just knowing that you enjoy the content we provide you is enough to push us e’er on.

So please, feel free to drop us some love or spark up a conversation. We’d love to hear from you!

Ciao babes, we’ll do lunch~

We’re adjourned.

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