• The Chairman

The First Psalm

An inevitable accident. Eia remarks on the Universe

Where the light shines, a shadow is ne’er far. That’s true– is it not? Everything tangible casts a shadow. If light strikes, what beyond it is cast in darkness. Simple physics, friends. The Aether— realm of light. Cast of good intent and lordly ignorance– it was truly the definition of beauty. Where the light shines, a shadow is ne’er far.. That’s true– isn’t it..? Those three, they found it eventually. Void– nothing, and less than even that. The purest nothing to never have existed. But it did, at least for a little while.. It sickened, or confused them. They‘d experienced neither before and couldn’t be sure. Nothing, was not light, you see– or don’t.. They couldn’t. Either way, nothing was, and was not– in this ‘space’, and this was not to their liking. Joining hands, lowering heads and willing it so; as it was for them, usually; a single light flickered into existence at the center of the circle they made. A flame, that burned red, and blue. That burned green, and gray– and purple and white hot and yes, yellow too. This was much better, they’d thought. And yet, it lacked a certain charm they were collectively hoping for. Raising their arms, as they were– now parting each others grasp, wresting the Anima wrought by them.

The Aether was, itself. Just as this space was, a nothing– but it’s own nothing. And then there was this: the first Anima. More aptly by this point, the first seven– as they tore each color flame from its center.

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