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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Or at least most of the gang…

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, and Dragon Ball fans, welcome to another addition of Grab A Buddy Monday. Today I have a good treat for you. Since it is Dragonball month, and I have so many games to choose from, I figured that I would talk about one that wasn’t released in the US. So, right now its time to grab your buddy, hook up your ps1 and lets play Dragonball Z Legends.

Some memories aren’t priceless afterall~

This game was released back in 1996 in Japan and UK markets. It was for the PS1, and Sega Saturn, and as always since I played this on the ps1, that will be the one I will be talking about.

So first thing is, getting a game from Japan and playing it today is much easier than it was back in 1996. Today, you can just order the game online, it would arrive to your house, you put it into your PS4 or Xbox One, and start playing. Back then you had to go to your local mom’s and pop’s video game store, that actually carried import games (since big chain game stores didn’t carry those). That’s not all. One simply couldn’t just buy an import, thanks to regional lockout software built into systems. This meant you had to do one of two things. One was you would have to buy a console from each region you would buy imports from. That tended to get a bit pricey, especially when you would probably only buy a handful of games that were only in the Japanese market, and even less games from the UK market. Also who really needs three of the same system in their home? The other option was to get a converter/mod chip that would fit your system.

Not legal. Also not pretty.

Since I had an older model PlayStation the chip I had went into the serial ports in the back. I don’t know what you had to do if you had a newer model that didn’t have that port anymore so dont ask. The chip that I had looked like a large pack of cigarettes, with the end at the bottom to go into the port, and a switch on the top side( I’ll explain what the switch was for in a bit).

Exhibit A–

So now that you got the game and the chip (or pak), you can play the game now right? Nope. There is still a trick that you need to know. The chip would help you bypass the regional code, but you couldn’t just put the game in and play. You still needed a regional game to start it up. So what you had to do was put the regional game in and start the system up. Now at some point you would have to swap out the games. Some people used to tape down the button to indicate that the top was closed, some used the spring that came with the chip, I just kept the disk tray top open, and held the button down with my finger. So once the system read the the regional game, the chip would have the system stop spinning the disk so you can swap the games, that is if you had the chip in the right position. One position allowed you to swap out the games so you can play your imports, the other kept the system running as normal, that way you didn’t have to take the chip out of the back of your system to play your regular games. So now I got the chip in I swapped the games out, I closed door on the system, tell the chip to start the game up, in the menu on screen, and now I can finally start playing this game.

In the storymode, the game goes thoughout the entire Z story, so everyone from Nappa to Kid Buu is in the game. Fights can range from one on ones up to three on three team battles. So I’m going to explain the three on three battles, since all fights work the same. Each player chooses a team, they control one team member, and can switch to the other menbers at any time. All characters in the battle will have a picture of their face on screen(player controlled characters will have larger pictures) next to a health and an energy gauge. At the bottom of the screen, there is a power balance gauge thst is half blue and half red. The goal is for one team to fill up the balance gauge with their color. Once that happens a cut sceen plays, showing one team member using their special attack on someone on the opposing team. Once this happens that person looses health. If it happens enough times, that person will be knocked out of the fight, leaving their team one person down. This continues until one team is knocked out of the fight.

Nappa’s never looked better, honestly.

This game is a lot of fun, though it takes some getting used to. Since you know, it being in Japanese and all…

Once you figure out how to set up two players, then you to get used to the gameplay itself. It will take time to figure out how to fly to certain enemies, and not all over the screen. Also keep an eye on your energy gauge. If it gets low your character would need time to rest, leaving them open to attacks. Also don’t think that just because you have a numbers advantage, that you will win easily. It only takes a few quick moves for that power balance gauge to swing in the opposite direction.

If you can get a copy of this or find it on an emulator, please do so, it will be worth it, and hopefully you don’t have to jump through all the hoops that we had to do before. Until next time everyone.

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