The Merc Of The Sands

Evening Painkillers. Welcome to another Anime Wednesday. I don’t know how it is over where you guys are at, but as I’m writing this, it is freezing over here in the Northeast. I’ve been trying to use one of those techniques where you think of someplace warm, and you will be warm. So for about an hour or so, I have been trying to picture myself sitting on a beach near the water, sipping on a drink that was poured into a coconut. Well, all I got was me standing in the middle of a desert, and I’m still cold as hell. Oh well, guess this is a good time to tell you about Desert Punk.

This 24 episode anime, follows a young man name Kanta Mizuno, better know as Desert Punk, and his adventures in the Great Kanto Desert. This 19 year old mercenary has a good reputation for getting the job done, due to his feats of skill. Unfortunately, like many men his age, he is obsessed with women with large breasts, and sex. Since he doesn’t hide this flaw well, it tends to get him into some trouble here and there. Along with his apprentice, Taiko Koizumi, also known as Kosuna, they set off doing jobs, and dealing with other mercenaries.

This anime is very good. The way that Punk and Kosuna interact with each other seems more like a brother sister relationship instead of boss apprentice one. Some of the side characters are pretty funny, and you can’t wait to see them on screen again. One the cool things I found interesting about this show is how it changes tone about half way through the series. This is something that it normally done with shows with multiple seasons, and a way to change dynamic each season. The way they do it here really works well, and brings a lot to the show.

Now here’s the thing, I first saw this show on Netflix, when I first started using the streaming service over six years ago, and it was the English dubbed version. It is no longer there, and the best that I can tell you is that it’s on Hulu, but it’s original with subtitles. Now before anyone ask, I don’t mind the originals, but if I know that a show has been dubbed, I rather watch that one, instead of trying to watch and read what is going on. That’s just my preference, and I’m sure that many of you are the the other way, and will like watching the one on Hulu, either way, we all just enjoy anime, and I hope that you will enjoy this one as well.

“Real men know when to run like a little bitch!”

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