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Good Afternoon my Painkillers, and welcome to….. wait a minute, it’s Saturday! What the hell is going on!? I haven’t gotten up this early on a Saturday, since the time of Saturday morning cartoons. Those days are pretty much dead, since I don’t know of any local TV stations that has a block of non educational cartoons running on Saturday mornings. Networks like Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon may show cartoons, but many of those shows may not be exclusive to that Saturday morning lineup. So, I guess that it’s time for Captain Pain to give you something to watch on Saturday Mornings. Well I already give you guys a anime series to watch on Wednesdays, so what to do? I know, one Saturday a month, Captain Pain will give you an anime movie to watch. So there is nothing left to do, then to introduce you guys to Saturday Morning Movies. So, let’s start this Saturday off right with the 1988 classic Akira.

The movie opens up in 1988, with a huge explosion that completely destroys Tokyo, starting World War III. It then jumps to the year 2019 the now rebuild Neo Japan is suffering from government corruption, and high crime. The story follows Shotaro Kaneda, the hot headed leader of the Bosozoku biker gang. During a fight with their rival the Clowns, Kaneda’s best friend, and Bosozoku member Tetsuo Shima is seriously injured when he crashes his motorcycle into a psychic that just escaped from a secret government laboratory.

Tetsuo is taken to a hospital to recover, when he starts to develop headaches. He later realizes that he now has psychic powers, powers that he has a hard time controlling. Shotaro takes it upon himself to help and protect his best friend. This leads them on an adventure in which the secret government wants to capture Tetsuo to experiment on him, the police that want to find Tetsuo and kill him, and Shotaro trying to make sure that his best friend controls his new powers, so that he doesn’t kill them, or the world with those powers.

This movie is one of the best animated movies to come out of the 80s, and that’s saying a lot, since Disney was pretty much cranking out hit after hit, and anything that wasn’t a Disney animated movie sucked. The story is a sci-fi masterpiece that pulls you in from beginning to end. Most drawing styles from that era tend not to hold up in this time period, but this movie still looks amazing and beautiful. There is not much more I could say about this movie, without spoiling it for you guys, so all I can say is to go out, and experience this movie for yourself. I recently rewatched this movie on Hulu, but I know that it is on many different streaming services, so there is no excuse why you don’t make time and watch this movie. Until next time Painkillers.

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