• The Chairman

The Usual Unusual

'Scrub this, mop that.

Your nothin' but a lowly rat.'

Truly nothing that inspires like advice that rhymes.

'Pa's not here to bail you out.

Scrub that spot you filthy lout.'

Maybe a background in theater would explain this behavior but.. the military?

'If a single spot's not spic n' span..

A DFAC feast, you'll miss again.'

Okay, that one was pretty good.. I'll give her that.

'Your useless work is never done..

So boring now, let's have some fun!'


Okay-- wasn't expecting that one.

'To punish you is one thing, fine...

But forced to watch? Now THAT'S a crime..'

And so I'm pulled along, defacing my freshly flawless floor along the way.. What in the nine circles is she up to?

'Lieutenant Braiger, Where are we going?'

I'm not sure why I bothered asking. My fates been in her hands for seven months now. I should know better than that. No answer provided, if any-- would belay the fear of the impending, all to inevitable trouble.

'Oh, Ensign... you're so bright eyed and full of wonder...

Stuff it, won't you?'

Case in point.

Where is our young Ensign being dragged off to? Why is his commanding officer physically accosting him? Who's gonna finish mopping the goddamn floor?! All this, and more-- next time on: Metal-Messiah: The Running-Man Chronicles!

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