There Are No Rabbits in Baseball…

By the time this post drops, the World Series will either be over, or we will be getting ready for game 6 on Tuesday night. Either way, spring training is a ways away, but don’t worry, Captain Pain is here with a game to wipe away your winter blues. So once again, hook up the NES and grab a buddy, cause it’s time to play some Bad News Baseball!

This is a very simple and fun game to play. It doesn’t have the MLB licence, but the 12 teams that you can choose from, wear colors similar to MLB teams that they are from. ( The 12 teams are Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Minnesota, Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Texas, St Louis, Toronto, and San Francisco.) The rosters are made up of imaginary kids. There is a cool feature called girls mode, where it takes the 12 teams and changes the rosters to all girl teams. Unfortunately, there is a trick to get into girls mode (hold down and left on controller 1 and hold up on controller 2 and hit the reset button), and I don’t know how to do it on an emulator,or if it will work on there.

If you’ve played a baseball games on the NES, Bad News Baseball plays just about the same as the other, but what makes this stand out are the animations, and the fact that the umpires are pink rabbits. They put on some good details into the animations showing the frustration of the batter striking out, and banging the bat on the ground, the pain showed by the batter when they get hit by a pitch, and the cut scenes to show plays at the bases were really good as well. It was always funny making an out, and seeing the base runner suddenly laying on the ground, and seeing stars floating around their head, as if you literally knocked them out. This also happened to the basemen as well, if they didn’t catch the incoming throw, and I guess it hit them in the head, and knocked them out for a few seconds. Hitting an home run, also gave some good animations to watch, but I always wondered who that guy was sleeping in the dugout, and why the hell is Mr T at the end of the high five line?

From my experience playing this game with either a friend or a family member, every game went exactly the same way. One player would be dominated the first few innings, and the other player would then either make a complete comeback, or blow it due to some silly play at the plate, or just completely missing the ball altogether. If you have played this game, and had a similar experience playing with a friend, or a completely different experience, let me know in the comments. For those of you that have never played this game, do yourself a favor, get your hands on a copy, and play ball!

Captain Pain approves this post!!!

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