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They Did It For The Money!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Shove it up your yeah…

Good afternoon my loyal Painkillers, and welcome to another addition of Anime Wednesday. Today I’m going to do something a bit different today. It’s been a while since i went on a rant about things done to animes. Last time it was about how things are edited cause they feel that the American audience can’t handle certain words or symbols. Today’s rant is going to be about something i find much worse. Completely changing what something was, so that a company can sell it to kids. So, without further ado, here is the 13 episode pile of shit, Darkstalkers!

For those that don’t know Darkstalkers was a fighting game that was made by Capcom. It had a lot of elements from the Street Fighter 2 games. Hell, just go find my article about the game, I’ll have a link to it somewhere. The characters were great, and most early adaptations of comics and movies had most of the characters depicted as either over the top sexy, or super violent. It was over with fans, and was definitely not for kids. So what did the dumbasses over at Capcom decide to do? They took these amazing characters, and try to make them kid friendly, so that they can slap them on T shirts, and lunch boxes, and sell shitty action figures.

So in this 13 episode piece of bullshit, everything that made these characters stand out, has been toned down by 99% leaving them looking and acting like empty shells of their former selves. The show was blan, unfunny, and poorly written. They had it set up as some good vs evil nonsense, but they had characters that hated each other, working together. The show waa a complete flop, receiving negative reviews from old fans that hated what they did to their beloved characters. Kids didn’t watch it, cause there were better cartoons out there, that made a hell of a lot more sense than this shit! Capcom’s dream of making this a cash cow failed, and good cause this shit was just that shit! Next time just create something new and sell that to kids. If you guys want to watch this mess, you are going to have to find it yourself, since I’m trying to spare my Painkillers from getting PTSD from watching this shit! Until next time everyone, I’m done with all the Halloween stuff until next year!

Captain Pain strongly approves this post!!!

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