This Girl Has Fire… Literally

Good morning new and old Painkillers, and welcome to another addition of Anime Wednesday. With this one, we are going back to a much shorter series than last time. This 26 espoide series had a short run on Cartoon Network, and came out to a lot of positive reviews. So without further delay let’s get into Witch Hunter Robin.

In this series witchcraft is a major issue around the world. Witchcraft is a genetic trait that tends to lay dormant in humans. It can be awakened at any time and gives that person some craft powers, so if you are a Marvel comics fan, think X Men. Unfortunately, some of these powers are too strong for these people, and they become full witches, mostly destroying everything in their path. To counteract this issue, a secret government organization called SOLOMON is formed. They set up branches all around the world. They also created a massive database that they use to hunt down witches.

The main focus of the series is on the main character Robin Sena. She is a 15 year old that was born in Japan, but was raised by the Roman Catholic Church in Italy. She is has the craft ability to use fire. Now back on Japan, she joins the SOLOMON branch out there and learn how to hunt down witches.

She joins a team with her partner Amon. He is 25 years old non craft hunter. He is not a witch, but he does carry the gene. There is 18 year old Haruto Sakaki. He was the newest member before Robin showed up, and he is now concerned about losing his job. Their technical support member Michael Lee. He was caught hacking into SOLOMON computer system, so he was giving a choice. Either he could work for them, or be killed. He now works for them, and is not allowed to ever leave the building. 19 year old Miho Karasuma is a witch with the craft power of psychometry. She acts like a mentor to Robin, giving her advice on how to improve her control over her powers. Finally there is Yurika Dojima. She comes off as lazy and immature, but she is on an undercover operation.

This show is really good, and it sucks that it was only on Cartoon Network for a short period of time. Even with all of the positive reviews, there were some that stated that they felt more on the side of the witches that were being hunted down, and not the hunters themselves. I have seen this show on different anime streams and networks, but if you guys know of a good place to watch, please tell us in the comments below. Until next time Painkillers.

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