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This Is Bogus, Mr. Bogus

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I can’t imagine what Mrs. Bogus looks like… The Chairman

Good morning mt loyal Painkillers, and newbies to the HBCL. If you are reading this that mean its the last Friday of the month, and this is one of my rotating articles. This time, it is the second edition of Underrated Cartoons. For those that don’t know, this is where I introduce you to a cartoon from the 80’s, 90’s and even the early 2000’s that didn’t get the love that it should have. Today I have a cartoon for that combined a traditional cel-animated style with clay animation. Here is Mr. Bogus.

Mr Bogus is a gremlin like yellow creature that lives inside the walls of a house in the suburbs. As I stated before, this show was done in two different styles. In the cel-animated part, Mr. Bogus would either cause trouble or solving problems for the people that lived in the house. He would also visit his own world Bogusland, which would have their own issues in that world. In the clay animation, Mr. Bogus stays in the house, usually doing the same causing trouble or solving issues for the people in the house. Sometimes he would even interact with the kids, and they would help him when needed.

I enjoyed this show as a kid. I thought that having both animation and claymation in the same show was very interesting, since I haven’t seen anything like that before. This show was aired in syndication only. So growning up in the New York City market, this aired on UPN (now My TV), so it might have been different for some of you. Unfortunately, they aired it on Sunday morning before all the infomercials/church shows. Maybe if it was put on a different day, and had a different time slot, it might have a bigger audience. At one time there was talk about putting it on Fox Family (I guess that is now Free Form), but that fell through. Unfortunately, there is no streaming service that carries this show, so try to check it out on YouTube or Dailymotion, and let me know what you think. Until next time everyone!

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