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Time To Confess Your Sins!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, anime fans, and newbies to the site! Welcome to another edition of Saturday Morning Cinema. Today, I have an odd one for you. Do you have a favorite song, show, or movie that you love with all your heart, but everyone you know hates it? Everyone has at least one, so in the spirit of Halloween, I figured that I would share one of mine as a treat. Unfortunately, some of you may take this as a trick, here is Sin: The Movie.

The movie follows our hero John Blade. He is one of those cyberpunk badass cops, with a heart of gold. Him and his team are investigating a series of mysterious kidnappings that have happened. During the investigation, it leads them down a criminal rabbit hole that leads them to the SinTEK corporation, and its leader Elexis Sinclair. She is a brilliant biochemist, that has a plan that will either aid humanity for the long run, or doom them all.

This movie is a fucking mess. The story seems like the writers should have sat down, and put at least another hour or so of work into it. The animation looks so rushed. There are parts in this movie that look decent for the most part, and there are other parts that look like they should have been in a completely different movie. It looks like they had different teams of animators work on different parts of the movie, each team with their own animation style, and then threw everything together. Yet, for some dumb reason, if I was bored, or had an hour to kill, this was my go to movie to put on. I definitely would like to know if this or any other anime movie is one of your guilty pleasures. Until next time everyone!

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