Time to Kick It Old School!

Monday is here once again, ah shit! Yes, I know, I know, so today with all the recent talk about the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw coming in January, it seems like a good time to talk about some old school wrestling games. That’s right, you read that correctly, Captain Pain is giving you a Two For One Special. Now it’s time once again to grab your buddy, dust off your PS1, and let’s play some WWF Wrestlemania the arcade game, and WWF In Your House the arcade game.

We are going to start with Wrestlemania first, since it came out first. This game is a fast pace Mortal Kombat style fighting game, that happens inside of a wrestling ring and uses pro wrestlers. You get to choose from 8 different wrestlers : The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Doink the Clown, Bam Bam Bigelo, Lex Luger, Yokozuna, and Razor Ramon. The in game commentary is done by Vince McMahon, and Jerry the King Lawler. If you ever heard McMahon call a wrestling match, you already know that you should probably play this game on low or mute. The only thing that he doesn’t say is his signature, “What a maneuver that was!”. The King doesn’t help matters, since he only throws in crappy one liners, thank God the gameplay is good.

Speaking of gameplay, like I said earlier it is pretty fast pace. There are a lot of over the top cartoon style action that is based off the wrestlers gimmick. For example, if you are the Undertaker, you can throw screaming ghouls at your opponent, and pull tombstones out of thin air, and smash them over someone head. If you ever wanted to knock pink Valentine shaped hearts out of Bret Hart, or gold chains out of Razor Ramon, well this is the perfect game for you brother! Like most fighting games first to win 2 falls is the winner.

Moving on now to In Your House. This is also a fast pace Mortal Kombat style fighting game. The difference between the two is that the cartoon style action has been toned down a bit, and there are more wrestling moves to pull off. There are 10 wrestlers to choose from. The Undertaker, Bret Hart, and Shawn Michaels make their return, and they are joined by Owen Hart, The British Bulldog, Goldust, Ahmed Johnson, Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Wasn’t Triple H yet), Vader and the Ultimate Warrior. Once again Vince McMahon is here to annoy us with his commentary,and this time he is joined by Mr Perfect. Honestly I think that Perfect is worse than Lawler, since his only lines in the game revolve around him saying Perfect.

Gameplay somewhat follows the Wrestlemania game, but like I said earlier, the cartoon fighting style is toned down, and more wrestling moves are able to be pulled off. Instead of hitting your opponent with objects that match the wrestlers gimmick or knocking related objects out of them, each wrestler had their own stage that matches their gimmicks. For example, if you go up against the Undertaker, you’re in a ring inside of a crypt, you fight Shawn in a nightclub, and the legendary Stu Hart dungeon when you fight Bret. Once again, these matches are two out of three falls.

Both games are pretty good, but I do prefer In Your House, over Wrestlemania. I like the roster better, and the unique stages. It seems like they put more work into the In Your House game over the Wrestlemania one. If you are able to play one or both of these games, you and your friends should have hours of fun playing these titles. Hopefully, I can give you some other good wrestling games down the road.

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