Time to Test Your Jitsu

So here we are again! It’s Friday, you just got home from work, and you are trying to avoid the few friends that you have, because they still want to go out and eat and drink pumpkin flavored bullshit. So what now? Do you want to play a game that is hard as hell, and you wished had a save feature? You do? Great, go grab your Genesis, and prepare yourself for the fuckery know as Revenge of the Shinobi. Thanks, a lot No Save November!

To start off, this is a damn good game, and if you haven’t played this game before, I suggest that you do so. Just a heads up, this game is hard as hell! How hard is this game? Try beating Contra without using the 30 lives code, that hard. The plot of this game is simple enough. The criminal group that was brought down in the first game wants to have their revenge on the ninja that brought them down. They killed his master, and kidnapped his girlfriend. Now it’s up to you to rescue his girlfriend.

There are 8 stages in total, and each stage is broken into three sections, the third one is the boss fight. This game throws everything at you. One section of a stage you can be fighting dogs, ninjas, and samurais. The next section your fighting soldiers with guns, soldiers throwing grenades, and guys that look like Rambo, and he has a flamethrower. Besides the crazy enemies, many of the stages have a maze like feel to them, so a lot of the time, you have no idea which way is the right way to go.

Now if you are lucky to get past the first two sections, now you got to deal with those damn boss fights. Again, the bosses are all over the place. One boss is a giant samurai, another is, I swear it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, you got Spiderman, that turns into Batman (depending on copy, guess DC wasn’t happy), and one boss is literally Godzilla (again depends on copy, guess the Godzilla people were pissed as well). Now say somehow you make it through all of this, and you make it to the final boss. Oh shit! You see your girlfriend locked in a cage, and the ceiling is slowly coming down. Now this fight can end three different ways. The first way, the best way is that you can get, is that you beat the final boss in time to save your girlfriend, and you two ride off into the sunset. The next one is, you beat the final boss, but not in time to save your girlfriend. So you get to say that you beat the game, but you go on morning your dead girlfriend. The third and worse outcome is that both you and your girlfriend die, you get the game over screen, and now you got to play the entire game again. Good times, good time.

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