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Top 5 Batman Villains Encounters/Fights

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning everyone, Captain Pain here! So unless you have been living in a cave for the past decade, if you are a gamer, you have played at least one of the Batman Arkham games from that great franchise. Throughout the games, you have many encounters and fights with many characters from Batman’s Rouge Gallery. Some are fun and memorial, some are bad and forgettable, and then there are some that make you scratch your head and make you scream out What The Fuck!In honor of the 10 year anniversary of the release of Batman Arkham Asylum, here are my top 5 Favorite Encounters/Boss Fight from the series.

Honorable Mention: Catwoman Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

So, I’m going to start off by saying this. This game should have just stayed a game for the PlayStation Vita, and maybe gone to the 3DS. Once it hit PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, it didn’t fit in with the other Arkham games. Anyway, this encounter starts the game off, and gets you used to the controls, by chasing her around the city. A little fight happens at the end of the chase. Don’t worry, you have a better fight with her at the end of the game, when she blinds you.

#5 Two Face Batman: Arkham Knight

This encounter is way different from most since its a side mission, and you have to do other missions in the game to unlock it. Two Face and his gang are trying to rob three banks in Gotham. Each bank works almost the same way. The first part the bank alarm is going off, and the gang members are running around trying to grab all of the money. Since the alarm blocks out other sounds, you have free range to just kick the hell out of a set number of thugs. The second part for the first two banks, the alarm is cut, and the remaining thugs are more concerned with killing you, rather than stealing money. So you have to go back to silent takedowns to finish the job. The second part for the last bank, the alarm is cut, Two Face tells his remaining gang member to clear out of the bank, and he enters with his heavy muscle. Same as the first two banks, some silent takedowns are all you will need to finish this. Sucks that you can take Two Face out like any common thug, but it is still fun.

#4 Poison Ivy Batman Arkham Asylum

For a while in the game Ivy is a big green pain in the ass. She is all hopped up Titan, and her plants are everywhere being a nuisance. Its time to take her down. In this boss fight, Ivy has encased herself in a giant plant. You have to throw batarangs at while while avoiding vines and other projectiles, until the plant falls. A little explosive gel on the case, boom! You got to do it again, but this time you have to beat down guards that Ivy controls. Repeat the process, and this time, Ivy is down for the count.

#3 Deathstroke Batman Arkham Origins

So you make your way into Penguin’s office, you crack a few heads, Grab Penguin to interrogate him, and next thing you know, Deathstroke has a rope around your leg, and pulls you into a fight. You ever heard that joke about comedy? Well, timing is everything in this fight as well. Knowing when to strike, and when to counter is key. There are three stages to this fight, Deathstroke with mask and staff, without mask with staff, and without mask with sword. Each stage play the same, just attack when needed and counter when need.

#2 Ra’s al Ghul Batman Arkham City

You’re half dead(thanks Joker), you track down the League of Assassins, you agree to take the Demon Trials, and the final test, kill Ra’s al Ghul. This fight is crazy as hell! Between battling sand clones, the 100 foot Ra’s that tries to hit you with a giant sword, and throws giant ninja stars at you, and of course Ra’s al Ghul himself, that wants nothing more than to take off your head with his sword. This fight is great, and I wish that this was the end of the game fight. Sucks that there is hours of gameplay left after this fight, but there is a fight in this game that I did like better!

#1 Mr. Freeze Batman Arkham City

For those that have played this game, I’m sure that you are like duh! For those that haven’t, let’s set this up. So you bring everything that Freeze needs to make the cure that you, Joker and the people of Gotham need to survive. The thing is, Joker stole Freeze’s wife, and he wants you to get her back in exchange for the cure. Yeah that’s not happening, ready, fight! This fight is very unique. You can’t fight Freeze head on, he is too strong. What you have to do is use every takedown you can do in the game. Why everyone? Causes one you use a takedown, Freeze learns from his mistakes, and prevents you from using that takedown on him again. It can be a tough fight, but it gives you a good feeling inside when your done with it.

What do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with my list? Was your favorite not on my list. Leave a comment down below, and let me know. Until next time everyone!

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