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Top 5 Teases In Games & Anime

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Oh, behave~

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate people that are just one big tease. The worse part is, they know what they are doing. Wearing next to nothing so that you can almost see everything, or they wear something so skin tight, that you are hoping for a tear in just the right spot. Just like in real life, there are plenty of teases in video games and animes as well. At lease in the games or animes they are teases to try to win fights, or to survive some harsh future, and not because they want an extra day off to go party. Anyway here is my Top 5 Tease list.

Hornable Mention: Fujiko Mine (Lupin III)


“Oh Fujicakes..”

Some of you are probably freaking out right now, so let me explain. If this was a biggest bust list, then Fujiko would definitely be top 3 on the list, like she has been on many list like that, since her debut in 1967, but this is not that kind of list. As a cat burglar, she does use her body for many reasons. Whether as a distraction for Lupin and the gang to get away, or to flirt her way out of trouble to get away the police or other criminals, Fujiko is good at what she does. The reason why she only gets the Hornable Mention spot is because you do get to see her nude a few times. Well when you been around for over 50 years its bound to happen that the writers have you show off the goods once or twice. The Captain still loves you Fujiko.

# 5 Quite (MGS 5: The Phantom Pain)


“Im not a tease, I was created this way!”

So what happens when a game creator gets deep into the his franchise, and he realizes that this game has no female characters in it like that last one? Well they make this hot assassin, and give her a reason why she wears next to nothing. Enter Quite. She is a badass sniper that at first tries to kill Venom Snake, but later joins him as an ally. Her body is full of parasites, so her body uses photosynthesis to absorb air, water, and nutrients via her skin. So her outfit let’s her body absorbed whats she needs to survive. She ranks low cause she is not trying to be a tease, she is just trying to survive, also that there was a lot of heat over the way Quite look. Metal Gear is a Hideo Kojima game, so it could have been a lot worse. He did make a game where you, a grown man, walks in on a 14 year old girl, while she is in the shower. The fuck Kojima? Well at least Quiet is of age I guess.

# 4 Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)


A 90’s girl in 2071

When you see Faye, you might think to yourself, “Oh great, another slutty character!” Just, like most of the bounty heads she goes after, you just underestimated this badass bounty hunter. Faye can hold her own with the best of them. Since most of the bounties she goes after are men, she uses her body and reveling outfit to aid in lowering their guard, and then boom! Out comes her trusty Glock 30 pistol. When all else fails she can always relay on her HK MP5. A badass in hot pants, I told you guys to stop judging!

# 3 Morrigan and Felicia (Darkstalkers series)


Couldn’t pick just one!

If you know anything about the Darkstalkers franchise, you know that the characters were made to be violent and sexy, especially the women. So it just makes sense that Morrigan and Felicia make the list. Morrigan is a natural tease, her being a succubus and all. Her showing off some skin aids in luring in her victims. She is so good at what she does, she is the most popular character in the series, an and if you go to an anime convention, you will see a few Morrigans running around. Felicia on the other hand, is the worst kind of tease. She is an unknowing tease. She walks around naked, with only a bit of fur covering her lady parts. Damnit woman put some clothes on! And stay away from the kids!

# 2 Black Orchid (Killer Instinct)


Badass with tonfas

Black Orchid is a badass spy, and a kickass fighter. Uses swords, tonfas, energy batons, can transform into a firecat, and can even turn her foes into frogs. So what make her a tease? Its her speical move. She undos her skin tight onesie, and flashes her tits at her foe, causing the poor bastard to have a heart attack and drop dead. Damn, I get teasing someone, but did you have to kill him? And why does seeing her breast cause a heart attack? Are they too big for the mind to handle? Are they hideous, hairy, have multiple nipples? Does that happen to people that she is not fighting, say a potential lover? Damn, do you want to take the risk of sexting her?

# 1 Mai Shiranui (King Of Fighter/ Fatal Fury)


The gorgeous Ninja of tease…

If you ever played a game with Mai Shiranui, and seen her neutral pose, then you already know why she is number one on this list. Its bad enough that she is a trained ninja, can use fans, and fire, but damn she fights dirty with her outfit. So for those that don’t know, Mai wears a skin thight outfit that doesn’t really cover anything. Her “neutral pose” that I mentioned earlier, is her standing there with here tits bouncing around. Its a distraction, so her enemies can lower their guard, and that when she strikes. One second, you are looking at some bouncing boobs, the next you are sleep on the ground where you once stood, or worst, dead. Damn ladies, don’t tease me no more!

Do you agree with my list? Do you think that I left someone off? Let me know in the commets, what you think. Until next time everyone.

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