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TPoE Dev. Log # 1

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

It ain’t easy, bein’ cheesey…

Good evening, Leaguelettes.

It is I– your prodigal Chairman!


Here I am– about to be mounted by the family Chihuahua upon my return…

Yes, that’s right. I’ve been gone from the foreground of the League for a bit, yet again; And as always– due to a mixture of unforseen circumstance and corporate puppeteering.

The things who’s asses I’ve had my hand up recently… Enough about my weekend excursions though. On with the show!

I’d like to further open with a special greeting to Captain Pain by the way– who hates when I drop articles without his knowing when for promotional purposes.

This ones for you.


Wot Doin @ Half-Base

Why hello again– it’s still me.

I’ve decided to greet you again. You’re welcome.

Anyways– here at the HB-HQ: Half-Base; things are all a-bustle. The Captain has been keeping most if you up to date on the website side of things. And for that I thank him. There is, however– another wing of our operation which is seldom seen by you Leaguelettes.

This series of articles will be shedding a bit of light into that, and by that I mean our extended campaign into the unfettered wilds that comprise Game Development Land! So put on yer ‘splorin’ caps and if you’d be so kind– strap a steak to yourself and head out in-front.

private void Awake() { Debug.Log(“My private-void is also awake. *wink*”) }

The Psalms of Eia, our game– is being developed using the Unity engine. Something that had been recommended to me.. oh.. five or six years ago now?

Of course, at the time I had been fiddling around with various RPGmaker engines, trying to remake Final Fantasy Legends III. The best part was, I felt far too mentally impaired to write a single line of code. And with RPGMaker I wouldn’t have to.

I also wouldn’t get far. Ever, really.

Several times, I’d opened a new project– screw around for a few months and ditched any semblance of progress I’d had.

The technical limitations of the engine were staggering without the use of scripting.. Yet even with plugins I’ve seen; I was never impressed with what those engines could provide.

Now, some of you may have a healthy amount to say in response to that. And I understand completely…

I’ve seen some fairly decent titles come off of the RPGMaker engine. Many-the-props to developers of such titles as To The Moon, LISA and Skyborn.

It’s just.. not for me.



Actually, that button doesn’t do much of anything at the moment…

Oh! It flashes blue when you hover over it…annnnnd changes to red when you click it… So there’s that. Which actually brings me to my next point.

So I didn’t want to learn scripting. That’s why I gave up trying to broaden the functionality of RPGMaker. Instead, eventually (And we’re talking years later…) I decided to start dabbling in Unity. And guess what– of course I have to learn to code anyway.

So– now C# is the Chairman’s preferred weapon. Coincidentally it’s more of a toddler playing with a loaded pistol at this point– but that’s neither here nor there.

Progress is being made.

That button though…

On The Horizon

So as I said, progress is being made. In what way, you may be asking yourself…

Well– if you remember; when TPoE was first announced, I’d also mentioned the slew of genre’s the game would cover. One of which having the ‘Open World’ tag attached to it.

Well whether you remember or not– you know now. And related to this is some of the aforementioned progress~

It would be silly to assume that I could produce a game with TPoEproposed scale, by myself. To be perfectly


At least not yet… And even if I did , it would take me an awful long time to do alone.

So my goal is to produce a prototype first– that features a lil’ forkful of each course that the TPoE buffet will have to offer players. This, in turn will potentially attract talent, willing to work under… ‘less than ideal‘ financial conditions.

Or better yet– funding opportunities!

One can dream, can’t they? Anyways– back to my point..

I’ve been hard at work acquiring some base resources to build levels within the art style I’m shooting for.


A little Final Fantasy Tacticsisn’t it?

Ideally– TPoE will feature a graphical style that emulates original Playstation era RPG’s of the 90’s. We hope to achieve this using a variety of shaders or camera filters but we’re still a ways off from post processing…

Combat is a bit of a struggle yet– as I’d mentioned before with the lack of a functioning button for the time being.. but certain… ‘modes of bipedal locomotion’ are being worked on as well that will make your open world experience much more enjoyable.

Can you guess what those might be?

Make no mistake– we’re still a-ways away from anything you folks at home can play with, but I promise that I’m pouring every ounce of my being into this..

In fact– I’ve missed a few posts of my own that were due on the site as a result. I apologize for that.

All work and no play…


Keep your eyes open for the next update. Who knows what progress and/or changes you’ll see. Either way, you’ll get to watch me mental state deteriorate episodically which should be fun.

We’re adjourned~

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