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Trying To Take Over The Streaming World!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good Morning my loyal Painkillers, the entire HBCL fanbase, and newbies to the site. Welcome to a special edition of Grab A Buddy Monday. Normally, I have a cool retro game to tell you guys about. Today on the other hand,in part of our two year anniversary, I want to talk to you all about streaming. That’s right, the HBCL staff have been, and will be streaming! Let’s see who is doing what!

First off, let’s start off with DistillaPunk. Many of you may or may not know this, but she joined our family back in November 2018. She was already doing a stream on Twitch, before she came abroad. Punk has done a hell of a job not only expanding her audience, but also getting the HBCL name out there. She is our first streamer, and over the past few months,I have enjoyed watching her play games such as Fortnite, Neverwinter, and Rocket League. Hopefully you will enjoy watching her play every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6pm est. Maybe you can join her on a game. Follow her on Twitch, and don’t miss a stream!


Next we have The Chairman. Yes folks, he has been bitten by the streaming bug. He just started on Twitch not too long ago, and is hoping to not only build his audience, but also show a different side of streaming the HBCL has to offer. He can be funny and witty with his streams. You will definitely see and hear this, when he is playing one of his favorite video game series Getter Robo/ Super Robot Wars! If you like Giant Robots kicking the crap out of each other, than this is the stream for you! As I said, he just started, so there will be more games coming soon. Check him out every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night at 8pm est.


Yes even I, Captain Pain is streaming. Just like the Chairman, I just started streaming not to long ago. Unlike Punk and the Chairman, I am streaming on YouTube and Facebook. I have a few reasons for this. First thing, I don’t have a mic, and Twitch is definitely a place where you need a mic. Two I really haven’t been playing games like I used to, so this is a way to get me back into gaming seriously. Because of this, I named my streams, Captain Pain May Suck At. I have no idea if I’m going to be good at any of these games. I have a few episodes in on the games We Happy Few, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Kingdom Hearts 3. Main reason why I’m streaming on those two is I’m trying to get more eyes and subs on both our YouTube channel, and our Facebook group page. If you like long gameplay where the focus is solely on the game, without anyone talking over it, then check me out. I do plan on getting on Twitch like the others, as soon as a get a mic and some other games to stream. For now check me out every Friday at 6pm est, and Saturday at 12pm est. Here is the the link to our YouTube Channel


And here is the link to our Facebook group page.


I hope that you all like and subscribe, to not only our Facebook page and YouTube Channel, but also to DistillaPunk and TheChairman Twitch accounts. That’s all for now! Until next time everyone!

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