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Ugh! I’m Never Going To Get This System!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020


Hello Leaguers, Painkillers, and all people from many walks of life. Growing up gamers, we probably all had that one game system that we wanted, but we weren’t able to get our hands on. Sometimes it could of been just growing up poor, and not being able to get a game system at all. Sometimes it was just that you already had one system, and you couldn’t afford to buy a second system, and a library of games for both. In my case, the game system that I wanted, the price of the system, and the price of games where so damn high, that I would have needed to be a crack dealer to be able to afford it, and since I was only six at the time, I had no idea what crack was, nevermind trying to sell it. Anyway, I’m going to tell you about my Eleanor of video game systems , the Neo Geo Advance Entertainment System or AES for short.



Back in the 80s and into the 90s, not only were arcades the place to be, but gaming cabinets were everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Movie theaters, bowling alleys, comic book stores, hell even tiny corner stores had a game cabinet tucked next to the chips. When home console started to make a comeback in the US, after the game crash, it only made sense to port arcade games onto home systems. Unfortunately, it was damn near impossible to take the power of a game inside of a cabinet, and put it on a home system, without loosing something or a lot of things in the process. Enter SNK with a solution to this issue.

SNK at the time was well know for their arcade games. If you ever played or seen games such as Fatal Fury, King Of Fighters, The Art Of Fighting, Samurai Showdown, and Metal Slug, then you know about the games that SNK were capable of making. These games and many others were really fun to play at the arcade, or wherever you found a SNK cabinet. So how did SNK try to slove the porting issue? They decided to take the tech that they used inside of their cabinets and turned them into home consoles, and that’s how the AES was created.

The AES was a massive beast of a machine, and it needed to be, since it had the same tech inside of it as a arcade cabinet. It was as big as the original Xbox system, but it wasn’t as thick or as heavy. The game cartridges were also big as hell. They were pretty much the same size as the ones use in the arcade cabinets. The only difference was that the cartridges for both were shaped differently, so that the cabinet cartridges would not fit into the home system. Speaking of the Xbox, if you thought that their original controllers were huge, then you never saw the AES controller. This was an actual arcade style fighting stick, with four buttons on the side, as if you were playing on a game cabinet. The AES was the best way to play arcade style games, at home, and the only thing that limited you was the TV in your home at the time.

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Enough said..

So you may be asking yourself, if this system was so good, why didn’t more gamers including myself didn’t get one. Well, as Steve Austin says sometimes on his podcast, the system price and games were “higher than giraffe pussy!”. It was bad enough that the system itself had the price tag of $650US, the games would run you $200US as well. Mind you, this is 1991 prices, so I don’t want to see what it would cost in today’s money. So basically with those price tags, only rich gamers, and hardcore gaming collectors were the ones that could afford they system. The system was discontinued in 1997, and the last game that came out for it was in 2004.

Most of the time if you want to get an old game system, and a decent library of games for it, you could do so without breaking the bank. The AES is the exception. Finding a system, and some working controllers for it could still run you about, $400US and games could run you upwards of $10,000US depending on how rare the game is. In the past few years, conversion pieces have come out that would allow the cabinet cartridges to fit into the AES. The cabinet cartridges were cheaper, and easier to get your hands on before, but now thanks to the conversion piece, that market has risen as well. Ugh! I’m never going to get my hands on a Neo Geo AES!

Captain Pain sadly approves this post!!!

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