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Unspeakable Horror…

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

At Half  The Price!

Long gone, are the days of true terror.

Yes– the many sleepless nights, spent; eyes locked on the closet door. The very place where moments ago, you could have sworn you’d heard the breathy, fetid exhale from a creature of the dark…

O’ gone are the days of the Night-Light energy barrier that protected you from the darkness. Or the blanket sheild that, as long as you were covered– no monster would even know you were there…

Today, our Zombies are us, not making this months rent. Our Vampires: being late for work– And our werewolves; the threat of domestic terrorism, climate change and racial violence.


But there is a silver lining to all of this. Yae– and so it was; that I would come before thee today to shine mine light~

O’ man of self-import… and little else otherwise–

The Chairman~

What a long winded intro… Well, for those of you that actually stuck around; It’s time to cast off this dreary mantle and get more into the spirit of the holiday eh?

A holiday, wherein the viles of the world cast their shadows elsewhere. A holiday, where instead; we embrace our own darkness in an attempt to have a little fun, forget our woes, and anger our Dentists respectively.


Yes, the only time of year when candy corn is even remotely excuseable. And the only true horror lies in the fact that very soon, your local Target will be playing Christmas music.

I just gave myself chills…

Let The Games Begin

So now that I’ve gotten your attention, or bored you to death…

Either way~

I believe it’s time to share our plans for the remaining weeks of October. To celebrate this horrendously Halloweeny holiday; the League will be hosting a ‘marathon’ of sorts. For what better way to ring in Samhain than to subject the masses to horribly played horror games?

None, what better way.

There’s some engrish for ya~

So stay tuned, and keep your eyes on our YouTube channel, for the festivities shall soon begin, and you wouldn’t want to be caught DEAD, missing it…Would you?

Furthermore; there may just be something extra special for you lot, come the 31st…

Do bring a change of underwear

We’re adjourned~

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