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Hey everyone, Yes I know it’s Monday, and everyone hates Monday. But unlike a certain pasta eating orange cat, Captain Pain is here to try to brighten up your day.

With the NBA about a week into their season, it seems like a good time to bring up a classic basketball game, and unlike Gordon Hayward, you don’t have to worry about breaking your ankle playing. (Get well soon Gordon, hope to see you back on the court this season.) Now it’s time to dust off your NES, grab a buddy, and play some Double Dribble.

There is not a lot to say about this game, other than its really simple and fun. Basically, after you decide to either go up against the computer, or a buddy, you go through the game options like quarter length, team selection, and others. It’s an interesting screen since each option has a basket next to it, and near the bottom of the screen has a guy holding a basketball. So changing an option has the guy taking a shot, and making it in the options basket. There are only four teams in the game, and they did not have the NBA license, but you could easily tell what team they were supposed to be, by the city and jersey colors. So New York wore blue (Knicks), Chicago wore red (Bulls), Boston wore green (Celtics), and Los Angeles wore yellow/gold (Lakers).

Once you get past the game screen the next screen shows an arena in the background, loads of people walking towards and going into the arena, and the National Anthem is playing during all of this. (I wonder if people would find it disrespectful that the game people didn’t stop moving during the National Anthem.) So now that the song is over, the game begins. Again not really much to say about this. Your basic 5 on 5 game, no names, no stamina bars, and I don’t even think that there were fouls. I only remember hearing a whistle when the ball was out of bounds, and maybe backcourt violation.


There was a really cool feature when you went in for a dunk, a cut scene would come up and show a grey outed figure doing one of the different types of dunks they programed in.

This is definitely a game that you want to play with a friend, especially if one or both of you are competitive. Its a bit too simple to go up against the computer, but with a friend, that’s when the real fun begins. I swear this is the game I heard the phrases “I think that there is something wrong with my controller!” and “There’s nothing wrong with it, you just suck!” over and over again. This is a game where you can win three times in a row, and the games would be either extremely close, or a blowout. It seems like there was never anything in between. Hopefully you guys have the actual cartridge, but if not I’m sure that you can find it on an emulator, either way I hope that you guys enjoy.

Captain Pain approves this post!!!

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