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What Big Eyes You Have!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning HBCL community, and welcome to what might be the last installment in this Deep Dive series. So those not familiar with this series, this is were I try to answer some anime based questions. Did you ever wonder why characters in anime and manga have such large eyes? Well, time to dive into the pool and find out.


There are a few reasons why this is done. One reason is to help so emotions better. Makes sense right? How many times did you try to not show some kind of emotion, but your eyes gave you away? Now just imagine if your eyes were larger than they currently are. You would be giving every emotion you feel away. I suggest you stay away from the poker table, unless you wear sunglasses. The larger eyes just makes it easier to show how a character feels at a certain time.


Another reason why characters are drawn with big eyes, is that it allows the audience to emphasize with the character. In Japanese culture, they tend to focus on the eyes when reading people. Larger eye characters always come off as warm and trustworthy, whereas small eye characters come off as cold and evil. Because of this, almost all female characters, and male protagonists are drawn with large eyes. That way, we sympathize with the hero, when they are in danger. Meanwhile, the antagonists, are usually drawn with small narrow eyes, to show that they are evil. The small eyes are the reason American comics didn’t sell well over in Japan back in the day. The small eyes on characters like Superman and Captain America, made them come off as cold and uncaring, even though they are the heroes. Also, I guess dropping nukes on them didn’t help.


I hope that this answered your question. As I stated before, this is probably the last deep dive either for now, or forever. I really wasn’t having fun with this series. Way too much research for me to do, with everything else I was and am currently doing. If you guys have questions, I’ll probably answer them via Twitter or through or Facebook group page. Maybe I bring this back and do a question here and there. Well, for now I’m draining the pool, and locking the gate.


Session over!

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