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What If Satan Was One Of Us

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Do do de dooo…

Good Morning my loyal Painkillers, and anime fans! Welcome to another edition of Anime Wednesday.

On Friday, because the Chairman’s a moron.

Today I have a goodie for you. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Satan himself had to live on Earth? Well, maybe this anime can answer a few questions for you (and don’t start yelling about that show Lucifer, since this anime was out first!). Here is The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

Lord Satan (not the guy from the Dragonball series), is seeking to conquer the world, with the help of his four generals Alciel, Malacoda, Adramelech, and Lucifer (guess this was before his show on Fox). They are confronted by a hero named Emilia and her champions. Once Malacoda and Adramelech are killed, Satan and Alciel retreat into a wormhole that leads to modern Japan, with Emilia following right behind them.

This show is hilarious! Its funny to see Lord Satan, have to deal with with basic human struggles, and have to work at their version of McDonald’s just to try to survive. Is also funny to see Emilia without any powers, and now has to work in a call center. The overall show is funny, and really well written. The show is 13 episodes long, and you can find it on Hulu and TubiTV.

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