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What’s Up With The Hair?

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning members of the HBCL community, welcome to another installment of my Deep Dive series. For those that are not familiar with the series, this is where I try to answer some questions about anime that I have seen, or have been asked to me in the past. Have you ever wondered why some characters in anime, mostly the female ones, have either a crazy looking hair styles, or not natural colored hair, or both? Well, Captain Pain is here to answer that for you, so dive in, the water is fine!


This one is a really simple answer. They are that way to quickly identity one character from another. Let’s face it, a lot of characters look alike, especially when they are all running around in the same school uniforms. So how does someone watching tell Megan and Susan apart?( if only names in anime were that simple.) Simple, give Megan blue hair, and make it defy gravity, and if needed Susan can have a natural hair style and color. All it is, is just a way to make a character stand out, and be different. Just like in real life, when you see someone that has dyed their hair a color or colors that are not natural hair colors, most of the time, they are just trying to stand out and be different. Now if only in real life we could come up with hair styles that would kick Isaac Newton in the dick. Sorry that there is not more to this answer, but that’s all I got. Hopefully next time I do this, I have more to say, but at least this question is answered. Alright, everyone out of the pool! Until next time everyone!

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