What The Hell Happened? Part 2

Kain auditioned for this game. Kain did not get the part. Kain was displeased.

Greetings, Leaguelettes!

And welcome to the second installment of: What The Hell Happened?

A series where we take a


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at some of our most beloved childhood IP’s and reel in the atrocities that have befallen them!

Dramatic, no?

Today’s title is that shining beacon of PlayStation era Role Playing Games; thats right– you gussed it:


Ungfh….such joy.

I remember, fondly– my time spent in this world. And I’m sure that many of you do as well.

Afterall, what’s not to love? The game features a neat, trigger based interactive combat system, fuckin’ magic dragon armor and a kickass soundtrack; all snug and wrapped tight in a blanket of enthralling story and sub-par voice acting as the icing on the cake!


Speaking of the tale this particular collection of plastic discs spins– The Legend of Dragoon centers around a youth by the name of Dart; a travelling swordsman from the country of Serdio.

We open with his return from a long journey of a deeply personal nature. Along the way, he’s suddenly assaulted by a giant matis-esque dragon going by the name Feyrbrand.


Yeah, that guy.

This ‘chance’ encounter set’s him along on a quest of high-fantasy rediculousness the likes of which your feeble minds could not possibly comprehend!

Ahem.. Forgive me. I’m perhaps a bit TOO passionate over this title.


Combat rears it’s head in the form of a fairly generic turn-based system where an entities speed statistic affects turn order… blah blah blah.

What DOES set combat apart here, is the addition of…well…Additions!

These nifty techniques serve as a replacement for your melee characters’ otherwise generic “Attack” command.

Selecting attack will instead set upon you; a series of timed events in which you’re expected to press the X button to connect the hit.


Like this~

Additional Additions can be added *twitch* to your arsenal by gathering experience in whatever ones you’ve already been using.

Additionally *scoff*

Your newly acquired additions will deal more damage, and require a more difficult string of commands to complete!

Like this…

So what’s my beef, you may be asking, If naught but praise leaves my lips–erm…fingertips?

This gem of gaming glory was released in June of 2000. And since then, whispers of a sequal had reached every corner of both the internet and gamings delightfully nerdy outer-circles.

So where is it?

Sony, I ask you: What the hell happened?

The Legend of Dragoon deserves far more than to simply fall into obscurity as it has. Leaving behind naught but a cult following a dozen leagues thick.

WE deserve far more, damn you!


We’re adjourned~

Oh wait– Join us next time for more! And keep your eyes peeled for a special surprise coming soon to our YouTube Channel.

Lot’s o’ goodness goin’ on. And stuff.


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