When A Problem Comes Along You Must Shatter It!

Saving in Shatterhand? You’re better off shattering your hand. It’s no-save November. With a no-save game, fun and brutality may follow. Shatterhand, for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is that type of game. You star as Steve Hermann, a rookie police officer from the Bronx. Steve loses both of his arms in a battle with the main antagonist, Gus Grover’s group, Metal Command. Steve is then given two cybernetic arms developed by L.O.R.D. (Law and Order Regulatory Divison). It is then that the shattering starts in full swing smashing superiority.


“Shattering” Steve Hermann after a hard day of shattering Metal Command

Shatterhand uses a continue system. You have two lives with the option of obtaining extra lives using in game currency. Once the player utilizes his last life, the game ends. The game does offer unlimited continues, so the shattering of Metal Command can continue. If the player decides to turn off the game, then Shatterhand will have to be restarted from the beginning. Not saving in November? Give Shatterhand, for the Nintendo Entertainment System, a shattering chance. Now if you don’t mind me, I have a general to shatter.

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