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When Horror Turns To Comedy

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Oh, Ash…

Good morning loyal Painkillers, and welcome to the long awaited return of Anime Wednesday! Did you miss this series? Yeah, I know that you guys did. So let’s get into a good one. Did you ever wonder what happens to the animes that don’t do well in Japan? We get some of those as well. Sometimes when they are dubbed, they stay true to the original, and can be hit or miss with the audience. Then you get shows like Ghost Story.

With this show, it started out as a horror anime, where the main characters are taken seriously, and spend each episode getting rid of a different ghost that hunts, the old school that is on the grounds of the new school. Unfortunately, the show didn’t do well over in Japan, so when it was brought to the US, the voice actors were told to just have fun with it. The animation was still the same, but wow, the things that they say.

The English dubbed show is now a comedy, full of crude humour and pop culture references from the early 2000’s. If you are easily triggered by things such as jokes on black people, hearing someone being called retarded, this show is not for you. If things like that don’t bother you, then watch this on Tubi, or buy the entire series here! Until next time Painkillers!

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