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Where Did All The Game Testers Go?

So yeah, I'm probably going to sound like an old man yelling at the clouds with this rant, but this is a serious question. Where did all the game testers gone? I remember growing up in the 90's, seeing commercials about becoming game testers. Where the fuck did they go? Is no one testing games anymore? If you seen some of the games that have come out the past few years, it looked like there wasn't a testers in site. So, what the hell happened to game testers?

Simple answer, technology and money killed game testers as we knew them. Before, game publishers used to hire game testers, so they could find and glitches and errors that needed to be fixed before the game hit shelves. Now, thanks to technology, any glitches and errors can be fixed with just a simple patch after the game was brought, most of the time the patch is out the first day the game is released. Which means they knew something was wrong with the game, didn't want to delay the release to fix it, and said fuck it, put it out and we will fix it later. Also, for some reason you are not able to have your console hooked up to the internet, you are stuck with a broken game.

So how did money kill game testers? Game companies got greedy, and figured out how to get us to buy more and test their games for them. How? They put out a deal, where they want gamers to pre-order a lesser title (which is bullshit by the way, I did a rant about that already), and gamers will receive a code so they can play a "beta" version of a AAA title that is coming out down the line. So gamers pay for one game, just to test out the other for free, saving game companies money, since they don't have to pay actual game testers. As a gamer, I have to ask, why do we fall for this crap?

Right now we are paying $70+ on a new video game. For that price, it would be nice to buy a new game, and not have to deal with day one patches, or better yet patches in general! It would be nice just buying a game, and not having to worry about anything, including updates, but that a whole 'nother rant! For the love of God, bring back game testers.

I'm Captain Pain, and go fuck yourselves!

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