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Why Are We Still Doing This?

Ah 2020, what a crappy year it has been! If you are a gamer, the only bright side that you might have is that we are only days away from the release of the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X. As I looked over all the specs for each console, it dawned on me, why do we still use pre-order?

Now don't get me wrong, if you want to make sure that you get a new console on day one, yes then you definitely should pre-order one. I'm talking about games. Yes many people want a new game the day it comes out, but in this day and age do we really need to worry about stores running out of copies? No, no we really don't, especially since Sony and Microsoft are coming out with cheaper digital only versions of their new consoles. So unless digital stores are going to run out of digital copies, you shouldn't have nothing to worry about.

But Captain Pain, I live in an area where internet is slow, so I have to buy physical copies, and therefore I have to pre-order a game if I want it the day it comes out. Umm, actually no you don't. People are so used to ordering games online, that they forget that they can walk into an actual store, and buy a copy. Don't believe me, Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons both came out on the same day. Now may of us at that time were in the start of the quarantine, stores were still selling everything. That weekend, when the games were released, I was out like many people looking for toilet paper (by the way, I wasn't trying to horde anything, it was just time to restock). I ended up in a nearby Target. Not only was I able to get some TP, the brand that I actually use,I also so displays for both games, and they were full. Now some might say that only happened because of the pandemic, but this tends to happen a lot. Better yet, if you go to your local mom and pop game store, they tend to have copies of new games the day they are actually released. So go there, and support them, because they are actually gamers working in those stores,and not people that just need a job.

But Captain Pain, the video game companies give us stuff that we couldn't get unless we prAh 2020, what a crappy year it has been! If you are a gamer, the only bright side that you might have e-order. Ok, so let's talk about the in game stuff they give you. Over the years, the majority of the stuff has been nothing good. Exclusive skins that do nothing in game, but make a weapon look cool. Characters and vehicles you only get if you pre-order at a certain store, so there is no way to get all of them. When they finally give you something cool, its usually for a limited time that you can access it, which they didn't tell you or didn't explain it well during the promotion, so after a bunch of complaining on the internet the company either gives in, and gives everyone access to it again, or they just tell you to stick it. The out of game stuff is no better. They usually are cool collectibles like figurines, bookbags, watches, and some other cool stuff that you can't get anywhere else but there. Unfortunately, that's just has been a disaster. With things showing up damaged or completely broken, not being made in the material that it was originally announced that it would be made of, or just not showing up at all. Oh the fun!

But Captain Pain, they give us early access to the game, and we get to see all the good and bad, and tell them what needs to be fixed. Ugh, see this is the dumbest reason to pre-order a game. I get it, yeah its cool to play a game that is still in progress. There was a time where video game companies, well not Ubisoft, used to have game testers. Their job was to test the game, and report any issues, so they can be fixed before the game hit store shelves. The best part was, the game testers got paid for doing this. Now, we pay game companies to test their games for them, and it doesn't cost them a dime. Where did go wrong with this? Anyway if you still want to pre-order games after reading this, why? I'm Captain Pain and go fuck yourselves.

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