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Wishes From A Baseball Glove

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, fans of old cartoons, and newbies of the site! Welcome to the latest installment of Underrated Cartoons. For those that don’t know, this is where good old Captain Pain introduces you to an old cartoon, that didn’t get the praise that it should have during its run! I may have said this before, but the 80’s and 90’s were a weird time for TV. If you were anyone that had a name during that time, you had your own cartoon. Take for example the cartoon I’m presenting you with today. Here is Wish Kid, staring Macaulay Culkin.


Wish Kid was part of NBC’s Saturday morning cartoon lineup. It was produced by DIC, and aired from September 1991- December 1991. With only 13 episodes in total, it was reran all the way until July 1992. It even ran on Toon Disney from 1998-2002.

The show follows Nicholas “Nick” McClary. He is modeled after and voiced by Macaulay Culkin. Nick owns a baseball glove that was struck by a small shooting star. This gave the glove the power to grant wishes. Sounds cool right? Not really! The magic was only strong enough that you were only able to make one wish a week. Also, it seemed like each wish does more harm than good. Good thing the wishes don’t last for long. It’s up to Nick and his friend Darryl to fix the damage caused by the wish. Each episode would open with a live action part, with Macaulay Culkin explaining what the episode was about, and about the wish that was made.


The show was pretty good, and this is another show where I can’t find a real reason why the show was canceled. The only thing that I can come up with is timing. See, Wish Kid was made, and aired between the first two Home Alone movies. There is a good chance that by the time it came down to do more episodes of the show, Culkin was most likely too busy shooting and/or promoting Home Alone 2. Again, this is me speculating, cause I don’t see why you don’t continue a cartoon that had probably the biggest child actor at the time. Unless he didn’t want to do it anymore, or the money wasn’t right. If you want to enjoy this show yourself, the full show was put out on DVD back in 2015, or the easier cheaper way would be most likely YouTube. That’s all now, until next time everyone!

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