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Yes, More Blood!

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, anime fans, and newbies to the site! Welcome back to Halloween During Christmas, and to another edition of Anime Wednesday. Today, and for the rest of this month I figured that I would just focus on one anime, and one anime only! If you read last week’s Anime Wednesday, then you already know what that anime is. So, let’s get right into it! Next up, here is Blood+


This series is set in 2005, and it follows our protagonist Saya Otonashi. She seems to be just an ordinary school girl, living with her adopted family, and she unfortunately deals with being anemic, and suffers from amnesia. Her happy life is soon destroyed after she is attacked by a chiropteran, a bat like creature that feeds on human blood. Saya quickly learns that she can beat the chiropterans, since her blood crystallizes them. She now travels the world with her family, allies, and a kick ass katana, to get rid of all of the chiropterans, and to try to recover who she actually is.


This show is really well done! The story, the action, and of course the blood is great. If you enjoyed the movie that I talked about last week, then you will definitely will enjoy this series. Just a heads up, if you plan on looking this series up, it will say that it has four seasons to it. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be talking about it here if it was a long show. Each season has 12-13 episodes in it, with 50 episodes in total. You should be able to find this show on Netflix, and on Sony Crackle. Either way, sit back and enjoy. That’s all for now, come back next week for more blood!

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