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You’re A Sorcerer Orphen

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, anime fans, and newbies to the site! Welcome to another edition of Anime Wednesday. Today I have a good one for you. Do you like your anime with a fantasy setting? How about if it was an action comedy as well? Well then, this is the anime for you! Here is Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.


This anime follows a young man named Orphen. He is a very talented sorcerer, and at one point in time, he was considered one of the Tower of Fangs most promising black sorcerers. Unfortunately, he likes to dive into all the “fun” things in life, like gambling and scheming. Saying all of that, he does have some humanity and won’t deal with certain things. In all sense of the word, Orphen truly is an anti-hero.


I really enjoyed this anime. The adventures that Orphen, and the rest of the characters get into are fun to watch, and are downright funny. I know that I didn’t say much, but that is because there is a lot going on in the show, and this is one of those times that, I would want you guys to experience everything for yourself, instead of me going on and on and on. There is a second series that came after this one, and there is a third series that is planned to come out in 2020, so this seems like a good time to fire up your Amazon Prime Video account, and enjoy. Until next time everyone!

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