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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I also wonder what Ralph Macchio’s Power Level was…

Good morning, Leaguelettes!

It is I–

The ChairBrain!

And welcome to the final throes of Dragonball Month!

Yes, that’s right my adoring masses– I shall be your guide through the end of 2018.  But I like to see it as much more than that…

Consider me; if you will, a midwife of sorts– guiding your breathing as you prepare to fire 2019 straight outta your proverbial Chrono-snatch.

Yeah, that’s what I am… Picture that.

Anyway… As I said before, we’ll be finishing off our thematic theatrics with a little taste of seasonally recieved cinema!

Allow me to explain..

You see– it was Christmas of 2001.. or was it 2002? Regardless.. I had been gifted a DVD player by my parents– and with it, a copy of Dragon Ball Z: The Worlds Strongest as my first DVD.

Elated, due both in part by my love of Dragonball and that of expensive electronic devices I didn’t understand the inner workings of– well… hours of enjoyment were almost guaranteed.

The OG’s of KA

That’s kick-ass if you were wondering.

So– I’d never seen this movie, despite the fact that it’s original Japanese release date was somewhere in ’89. And who could blame me, really? Exposure to Dragonball of any kind, to my generation, was mostly isolated to that of what Toonami afforded us.

And god forbid if you were a kid without cable.. The relentless harassment..

Anyway, barring the emotional scarring associated with social excommunication– we get to the meat of our silicon sandwich. The Movie!

Taking part between episodes 39 and 40 of the anime, it opens in a rather peculiar way, in that the legendary Shen-Ron(Long) is mere moments from being summoned–

The call he heeds is not that of a Z-Fighter however…

Hi, I’m your grandad!

It’s not your grandad..

Unless your grandad also happens to be the fictional character, Doctor Kochin.

So this woeful mishap of aged flesh goes and wastes a years worth of waiting to get a crusty lab freed of it’s icy tomb.

Hurray? Well, it just so happens, thanks to the might of this handy tool…

Gohan and Piccolo are near by, training in the cold, in naught but their respective Gi.

Cause that’s what tough guys do.

Deciding to investigate the madness at hand, the two race over to the location of the freshly hatched arctic bio-laboratory. Because of the plot device.. remember?


They are met with as much warm hospitality as can be expected from a small party of evil bio-androids.

Did I mention there were evil bio-androids? Cause, there are.

It also has a giant robot with a brain in it so… Can’t really go wrong there. And while I’ve spoiled a little for you, the actual bits in-between are really what make this film a low-level treat.

Yaknow– before all the yellow hair, and humans being wished back into existance like a thousand times…

Go buy and then watch it.

ChairBrain commands it…

We’re adjourned~

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