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Yu-Gi-Oh Breakdown!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

“What am I doing with my life?!”

Good morning everyone, and welcome back poolside with this latest installment of Deep Dive. For those that don’t remember how this works, this is the articles where I try to answer some questions about anime that I see on the internet. Today I will do my best to answer two Yu-Gi-Oh questions today. Ok then, let’s get started! Everyone into the pool!

So the first question I thought was a fairly easy question, but I’ll answer it anyway. The question is, “Why do all the antagonist throughout all of the series have stronger Ace cards than the protagonist Ace cards?” Well, to be honest, I havent seen any of the series after the original one ended, but my answer should hold up for all. The villian always had to be stronger than the hero, otherwise there is no challenge for our hero to overcome. Without any challenges to overcome, then he/she is not much of a hero is he?

The next question goes along with the first series. “Which is the better Ace card, The Dark Magician, or The Blue Eyes Whith Dragon?” To me, this is another simple question, but some people my be thrown off due to the show, or never playing the card game. The answer, The Blue Eyes White Dragon. Now I haven’t played the card game in years, but I try to keep up with it. Here’s why I say that card. So if you were trying get these monsters out onto the field their normal way( sacrificing monsters to summon a stronger one), you would have to discard the same number of monster for both cards, yet the Blue eyes has more attack and defense points than the Dark Magician. Also when the card game first came out, there were many cards out there that could protect or add strength to the Blue Eyes. There were some for the Dark Magician as well, but there weren’t a lot, and were not as good as the ones for Blue eyes. Many more have still come out over the years for both, and the Blue eyes still has the edge. Before anyone starts screaming about cards they saw Yugi use in the show, many of thoes cards don’t actually exists, and the ones that do, dont work like they do in the show. Damn plot armor!

I’ll end with this. Late last year Konami put out a video to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Duel Links released. In the video, it gave out a lot of information about the game over the first year. The info was things like players in each country, number of packs opened, and most used magic card. The two stats that stood out to me was Yami Yugi was the most used character in PVP, and the most used ace card was……….The Blue Eyes White Dragon. So people like Yami, but they rather have the strongest cards possible. Ok, out of the pool! Until next time everyone!

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