Zero Tolerance…

For Aliens In the near future, mankind has colonized the solar system through intersteller travel. The by product of this is the threat of extraterrestrial entites. These entities have attacked Europa-1, and it is up to the Planet Defense Force to stop it. Welcome to Zero Tolerance. A game that had me checking corners before bed.

Zero Tolerance is a first person shooter for the Mega-Drive/Sega Genesis. It was released in 1994, and is the first horror game that I played. To fully enjoy this game, one must turn off the lights and play in the dark. The sounds and sights are sure to put you in a state of suspense…if you can be scared by 16-bit graphics and sounds in this day and age.


Good bare knuckle fun from Major Mulligan.

Zero Tolerance may not hold up well to the horror first person shooters of today like DOOM, but in 1995, it was a perfect introduction into the horror game genre. The reason it is such a terrific horror game for its time is the ambiance. While the 16-bit graphics may not be horrific by today’s standards, the crawling face hugger like beings crawling towards you were enough to send shivers down my spine. Many a night I remember being startled just from hearing the sound of their impending arrival.

  My scariest moment was fighting the alien menance in a burning building and have to go floor to floor. Some rooms were covered in a thick 16-bit fog that made for tense gameplay. It is that feeling of constant dread that kept me entrenched in this Sega Genesis goodness. I highly recommend playing this game. You may not appreciate it like the 15 yr old me appreciated it, but you would be wise to give it a playthrough. There should never be any tolerance for an alien invasion.

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